Packers Plus dissolvable plug maintains isolation for successful completion during challenging stimulation program



Packers Plus is committed to continuous innovation of completion technology to find incremental time and cost-efficiencies for well stimulation operations. Specific to cemented plug-and-perf wells, the LightningBOLT™ 2 Dissolvable Plug (LB2) was designed to provide maximum isolation performance during stimulation, while maintaining the reduced time required to run in hole and reduce or eliminate millout time of the LightningBOLT Dissolvable Plug. An operator with a four-well pad in the Montney trialed two LB2 plugs in each of two wells. Run-in times were maximized for all four plugs and, after successful pressure tests, the plugs held and maintained stage isolation during stimulation operations.


Adoption of dissolvable materials has significantly reduced operating time and millout costs when completing plug-and-perf wells. While introducing dissolvable frac plugs into a completion program has helped operators lower well costs, there have also been occasions of zone isolation performance issues. The Montney operator had experienced frac plugs skidding in the wellbore during stimulation and required a dissolvable plug that could effectively provide stage isolation by both holding pressure against the casing and providing internal ball-on-seat isolation throughout the stimulation program.



The Packers Plus LB2 dissolvable plug combines proprietary material for optimal dissolution time with a dual slip design that maximizes isolation performance during stimulation operations. Innovations built into the single slip LightningBOLT Dissolvable Plug are also included in the LB2, such as a short length for ease of running in hole and a combination of proprietary materials for optimal dissolution time. Dissolvable components include the slips, packer element and the ball, which can either be run in with the plug or pumped down onto the seat during stimulation operations.



The operator working in the British Columbia side of the Montney formation trialed four LB2 dissolvable plugs in two wells on a four-well pad. The plugs were run on wireline with the ball in place and rates were maximized at 150 m/min (492 ft/min) for all four plugs. After a positive indication of plug setting was observed at surface, successful pressure tests were performed up to 46 MPa (6,672 psi) for 2 minutes to ensure isolation. As a result, no issues were observed during stimulation operations, which reached 53 MPa (7,687 psi).

Post-stimulation, the plugs were left in the well for a short time (77 hours and 67 hours) and as a result, coiled tubing milling operations were performed. After 77 hours in Well A, one LB2 plug had fully dissolved and the other plug was milled out in 2 minutes. After 67 hours in Well B, the two LB2 plugs required 13 and 15 minutes to mill out, respectively.

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