The SF Liner Hanger Packer has been the standard tool used for anchoring production liner in intermediate casing and providing pressure integrity for Packers Plus open hole multi-stage completion systems. The slips and packing elements of the SF Liner Hanger Packer are set inside the intermediate casing by using a setting tool attached to the running string. Once the system is set, the running string is removed from the wellbore and a fracturing string is run in for stimulation operations.


Using a setting tool with a liner hanger packer requires a polished bore receptacle for latching or landing the fracture string into the completion liner after the setting tool has been removed. Operators are continually looking for innovating completion technology that simplifies operations and reduces costs.


Packers Plus Hydraulic-Set SF Liner Hanger Packer does not require a setting tool, reducing operation time. This liner hanger packer is set by applying hydraulic tubing pressure used to create a mechanical setting force, causing the slips to expand and the element to extrude, securing the packer in the casing.

The versatility of the Hydraulic-Set SF Liner Hanger Packer enables operators to deploy the tool in unique applications, including: run on a frac or tie-back string and set or run on drill pipe and set with a single-use setting tool.



Within the first year of developing the Hydraulic-Set SF Liner Hanger Packer, the tool was run in more than 60 completion systems in 14 different formations in Canada and the US.

The ability to set the Hydraulic-Set SF Liner Hanger Packer using hydraulic pressure, instead of a setting tool, has saved operators anywhere from 12 to 24 hours of operation time per well. Following successful installation of the Hydraulic-Set SF Liner Hanger Packer and setting the completion system, each well was successfully stimulated, demonstrating the high quality of this cost-effective liner hanger packer solution.

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