ePLUS Retina Monitoring System

Combining Electronics with Reliability

A major challenge of multi-stage completion systems is visualizing downhole operations. Traditionally, surface pressure signatures are used to monitor operations; however, in some cases the signature is not present or clear due to factors such as formation pressure, pump rate or data van acquisition rate. This uncertainty can lead to costly delays. Pressure indicators at surface can be interpreted numerous ways, but additional data acquisition techniques such as microseismic, tracers or downhole fiber optics are too expensive to use on every well.

The ePLUS Retina monitoring system is an innovative solution that verifies surface and downhole events. It is designed to detect multi-stage completion system operations and their effects on the reservoir. The Retina monitoring system provides a cost-effective way for operators to visualize their multi-stage completions, enabling on-the-fly operational adjustments to ensure a successful stimulation, as well as provide valuable information for future wells. Compatible for open hole and cemented applications.

The ePLUS Retina Monitoring system offers many features and benefits

  • Detect and verify events in real time to reduce uncertainty
  • Detailed data recorded for future analysis
  • Autonomous operation provides independent source of data
  • Portable, self-contained system can be deployed by a single operator

ePLUS Retina Monitoring System

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